Nov 8 – Featured Speaker Brenell Hornsby

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Featured Speaker this Sunday, November 8, 2020

 Brenell Hornsby, M.A., L.P.C. Mental Health Practitioner

Brennel’s Inspirational talk on:

“Expanded Consciousness and the Illusion of Death”

Is this so called life all there is? Not hardly!

“Practically the whole human race is hypnotized because it thinks what somebody else told it to think.” – Ernest Holmes

“We are continuously living a new life, and when the old and the new do not fit nicely together, the old, no longer able to contain the new, should be discarded.” – Ernest Holmes

“You are an Eternal Being now on the pathway of endless unfoldment, never less but always more yourself.  Life is not static.  It is forever dynamic, awake and aware.  There is something within you that sings the song of Eternity.  LISTEN TO IT.” – Ernest Holmes

The ever-expanding truth of who “I AM”
is revealing itself to me in every moment.
I have only to accept it.”
                                  ~ Brenell Hornsby

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