Nov 22 – Featured Speaker – Marsha Straubing

Sunday November 22

 Marsha Straubing

Marriage and Family Therapist and an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner in private practice. Marsha is a workshop leader and regular contributor to Agape’s Inner Visions: A Guide for Daily Inspiration.

Hear Marsha’s words of inspiration and renewal

Home for the Holidays


The Father’s House is Always Open

And so the son found everything in the Father’s House just as he had left it. Nothing had changed and he was made welcome to all the divine stores. But he had to return to find joy and peace forever more. -Ernest Holmes

Be where seeing arises from, where even the function of seeing is seen. Remain rooted in this unseen place.   This is your Self and your home. – Mooji


Today I turn away from the world of appearances and limitations and enter the unseen world of Spirit and from this, my true Home, I celebrate Life.

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