Denise Myers – “We can conquer anything with faith and love”

by Denise Myers

We have been and are in a unique situation. Like all life experiences we cannot always change them when we want, but, we can choose how to react. There in lies our point of power.

Faith and love will see us through. SOM page 158 Available to All
I tend to focus on the helpers as Mr. Roger’s mom suggested to him. When we see them we can change our focus to kindness and the many people who put others first, before there own care. There is a silver lining surrounding most crises. Don’t get me wrong I am not making light of any of it. There have been and still are many instances of heart break. I am just wanting to switch our focus from all negativity to positivity. From fear to love and gratitude. We cannot be scared and grateful at the same time. They are mutually exclusive emotions.
The following is from the SOM page 522/paragraph 2 and 3
Love dissolves all fear”Greater than fear is love, love dissolves all fear, casts out all doubt and sets the captive free.Love like the river of life flows through me and refreshes me with it’s eternal blessings.Love cannot be afraid, it is fearless and strong and is mighty in it’s works.I can accomplish all things through the inner light of that faith in the all good.Which fills my very being with it’s powerful presence. Love casts out all fear.

The love of the all good is in me, and through me. That love goes out to meet, all who come into my atmosphere. It radiates to all and is flowing through all. My love within me is perfect. They love within me is perfect.”

We are the light for many, when we are able see a larger view than most. We can look through a kaleidoscopic, and see the brilliance of its beauty, when others can only see the black eye, that many of them created as a joke. Remember you twisted it around while someone encouraged you, saying you could see it clearer if you twirled it harder, which,was a ploy for your eye to get blacker. It is a good analogy of how sometimes we try so hard, to see what we think should be there, to make everything clearer, that instead it rubs off and gives us something we don’t want. When we try too hard to force even the beauty, it sometimes backfires when we least want it to. When we relax and let the beauty flow it is phenomenal.

When we get too wrapped up in the outcome we often miss the journey and make it darker than necessary. Joy is not a destination, it can and should be part of out daily travels. Life has no dressed rehearsals, no instant replays, or daily do overs. If you miss being happy today, you missed it. We can never live that same day again. We can paint the picture of our future and walk right in. Feel how amazing that life is. Are you joyous, victorious and feeling peace beyond our understanding. If we take 5 or 10 minutes before you go to sleep to plant the seeds to create your perfect picture, it can marinate in your subconscious and attract the pieces you need for your personal puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle that is the picture of your future today. Yes, I said your future today as we must feel that we already have what we desire. The feeling is the magic where manifestation occurs. Feel it all with great emotion and happiness. Be enthusiastic about life.

The kaleidoscope of life is always bright and ever changing but the more light we pour on it the brighter it becomes. Light is the darkness’ biggest fear.
There has been a lot of fear created in this last few months. We are in the middle of something reminiscent of a sci-fi movie, only it is real. We need to take care of ourselves and each other, and be diligent but not panic.We need to, for our own sanity ,stay in love and gratitude to keep the boogeyman man away from controlling our life. God is all there is and God is love. This is a time to show our fortitude and compassion to all. Free of judgement of any kind for we never know what others are going through or what their breaking point is. We can only live in the moment, right now is all we have. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery today is a gift, that is why we call it the present. Eleanor Rosevelt.
I am sure most of us have had time to contemplate the current conditions and also look within. Do we like what we see. Are we that best us that we can be. We only have this minute right now to live, love forgive and share our light to illuminate any dark spots,that our shadow persona is creating. We can all find and use this living, breathing,positive energy and eradicate our shadows for good ,once and for all.

I believe these natural events are to show us, the world is one and we are all united. This is the first time in my life time, that something is effecting all of humanity and does not play favorites. This virus does not care what color you are, how rich you are, what religion you embrace or what your gender or sexual orientation is. It has put everyone on the planet on notice. WE ARE ONE.
We can all go through this and just carry on as we did before or we can awaken from our mandated isolation as a bear greets the spring, after hibernation, joy fully embracing the light, the warmth and the new growth. We can decide to rewrite our story and give it all the joy, energy and love we want. Live each day as if it was your last, for one day we will all have a last day. 
Perhaps we can plant seeds now, even in the soil of our virtual life, so that our exit from captivity will have fresh new shoots to enjoy and savor.
We cannot be sad when we live in the moment. We are sad when we have regrets from the past or fear of the future. We are not meant to live in a flight or fight mentality. The stress this creates on our brain and our bodies is an Adrenaline high. It is not good for us. We are meant to use that drug to run from the bear or lion, not to marinate in it over and over again. Our bodies are amazing. They are equipped to take good care of us, if only we can learn to turn our stress response off and save all that adrenaline to run when necessary. If we can teach ourselves to pray and meditate when are responses are rattled we will be happier and healthier. Sometimes we become so conditioned to live in our adrenaline high, from all stressors in our life that we miss it,When in peace and try to recreate it. That is very common. We get hooked on a feeling, just not the best one for us to live in.

It is interesting how with isolation and social distancing the world appears to be closer than we have ever been. I know in my lifetime I have never seen the whole world united about anything before. It is unfortunate that it is something so dire that created our unity. But, it still is unity.

Live in love and kindness. Smile, it is contageous, infect someone with happiness, today, right now. Enjoy life and live it bravely, ferociously and in the moment.. Get out your bucket list, start at the top. Make it happen. Perhaps we can learn to stay in rhythm and harmony as we all dance to our own and different music. Maybe we can bring our world together in a virtual circle and each of us sing the peace song in our own language. Music and love have no nationality or communication barrier.

There have been amazing stories of love and kindness.a number of people drove for hours to lend their camping trailers for emergency medical personnel to use so they could be closer to their families and still be able to isolate themselves, at least they could still see and wave at each other. Airlines flew people for free, so they could get out of hot spots, to some where safer. Tyler Perry paid the bill for numerous seniors shopping between 7 and 8 am in Krogers and a number of stores nation wide. Some suburban areas had block parties and kept social distance anyway. Some of these neighbors had never met before. Medical students offered to shop for vulnerable people, so they could stay home. Musicians and other entertainers put on free internet shows to keep people’s spirits up. Many have donated time and food to help those in need. A dentist in 29 palms is making free cloth masks for seniors and other vulnerable people. Many people cheer on the medical staff at 7pm every night, in many countries, even appreciation can be contagious . Zoom is doing a booming business keeping people connected. Many people have spent major quality time with their families.I am sure some jobs will evolve and it will change how they work and live. I am sure many kids will remember this time as a time when their parents played and played with them, and they weren’t in a hurry. HBO ran some free movies. People put hearts in their windows to show love and appreciation to all. Louise Hay would be so proud. I am sure she is still smiling. Time to revisit Louise’s You Can heal your life book and maybe even a class.
If you find that all of the goings on right now are affecting your mood and happiness, that is quite a normal human reaction. It is ok not to always feel ok. It is just not in our best interest to stay there. One of the best ways to feel better is doing something for someone else. I remember reading a true story of a man who called his psychiatrist totally depressed. The Dr asked him about how he felt and asked if there were any people in his apartment building that needed help. He stated that there was one old man who never seemed to be able to keep his front step clean and swept. He told his patient to go sweep the steps and call him back. After he accomplished this he called his Dr back and was asked how he felt. He stated that he had forgotten he was depressed. The Drs prescription was to volunteer somewhere. In this time of social distancing perhaps we can call and check on someone, donate food to those in need, shop for someone more vulnerable than us or just post some positive stuff on the internet. It all helps others and takes us out of ourselves and allows us to think of someone else. There are always ways to be of service to others. That tends to be a very good antidepressant. 

Remember we are here to live, love, forgive and spread our light, to serve each other with kindness, compassion and none-judgement .In doing these things we create joy in our own heart. It bubbles and is overflowing like an expensive champagne.

We each have our own gifts and we can use our hands and hearts to help each other. We can be the light when the darkness seems to take over the world. We can be the optimists when others have had their hope shaken. We know we are the light and see it as the face of God in others.
Let us know the truth of our spiritual perfection, know that God is all there is and all is God. There is a rainbow after the storm and we can be victorious in knowing our truth.

Let everyone we meet and interact with know they are loved. Let’s love ourselves and each other. Let us remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience of life. Let us remember that this moment, right now is all I have. Let’s live loud, joyously and in vivid color. There is no place for us to be small, we are meant to be large as life itself. There is no one else quite like us, we are all as unique as snowflakes and fingerprints. We are meant to be the amazing and profound individuals that we are. Be proud, be brave run in when everyone else runs out. Take life on in ways you never imagined but do it now right now, say yes to life ,for now is all we ever have.

Thank you Denise…another great talk!

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