May 31st, 2020 Marsha Straubing

Well here we are… in this moment now… new beginnings… new unknown opportunities… to open our minds… open our hearts… open our lives… to the light that shines within.  

So…with this new opportunity, of coming back together after being isolated, what do YOU want to happen in your life and the life of our Spiritual Center?   What do YOU want to celebrate?   What is YOUR LIGHT to share to benefit the whole community?  

There is tremendous potential and possibilities needing your energy…your input…your voice…and your heart.   Opportunity awaits!   The need for YVCSL/COVID19 Re-opening Plan coordinators is a pressing example.  

The Board has been taking care of the business of the Center keeping it alive and well for the past two years, but YOU are the heart of the Center. YOU are the life of YVCSL.   Spiritual growth is not about being a student, it is about being a participant in your life and others.   IT IS…by the exchange of energies that we grow and evolve.   Empower yourself to brighten up our Center with your creative lights…not with just ideas….with action.   This is a call to action….to get more involved with your growth and the growth of Yucca Valley Center for Spiritual Living.  

Please contact any board member to let us know what you would like create and how you would like to contribute.   Leaders and organizers are needed to step up and work with the Board in the evolution of Yucca Valley Center for Spiritual Living while Empowering all with love and compassion.    

Please see separate email about the requirements of the state and countymfor re-opening the Center.  

Last Sunday… Kathleen Lowndes
Her big medical miracle was pre-meditated She used Science of mind principles Authored & published Facing the Ultimate Fear:  A New Future Retired Creative Writing teacher Holds Mater of Arts Degree in Literature.    

Kathleen talked about….   INVITATION TO MIRACLE    

QUOTES   A realization of the Presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man.   Ernest Holmes  

The person who is to succeed will never let his mind dwell on past mistakes.  He will forgive the past in his life and in the lives of other people.  If he makes a mistake, he will at once forgive it.   Ernest Holmes  

Melt away fear, miracles appear.  K. Lowndes    

AFFIRMATION    I choose/decide to feel love and think from love.    

Thank you Kathleen, for sharing your story and your wisdom with us. We look forward to your next visit. You can watch Kathleens wonderful service by clicking on the link below or on our website…    
CSL 5-24-20 Kathleen Lowndes Service .mp4
This coming Sunday…   Marsha Straubing MFT, ALSP

A Marriage and Family Therapist and an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner  in private practice,  A Workshop Leader, and regular contributor to Agape’s Inner Visions:  A Guide For Daily Inspiration. Marsha is a dual citizen of Venice and Joshua Tree, California.  

Marsha’s talk this week is on ‘Keep a Prayer in Your Pocket’  Watch and add your energy to create a powerful prayer field for Peace and Love.    

QUOTES for the day   “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” 
Corrie ten Boom  

“Through prayer we recognize a spiritual law, that has always existed, and put ourselves in alignment with it.” Ernest Holmes    

AFFIRMATION   Today I recognize that I am one with the One and from this expanded consciousness I know that all my needs are met and all is well!!!   Watch Marsha’s talk LIVE ON ZOOM at 10am Sunday morning
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Meeting ID: 968 882 7252  

Link also available on   Hope to see you Zoom!

Sunday Service Live stream 3/22/20

Well here we are…interesting times…uncertain future…many different thoughts.
What to do? Where to turn? Who to trust? Whew!
Turning slowly…observing…listening…exhaling.
Listening. Exhaling.

First I apologize for the late response as I have just returned from a road trip.And it’s from the forest to twilight zone…quite a transition.
So here we are….our wonderful little growing community abruptly separated, when we most want to be together.
A time when hugs are most wanted,we are asked to stand apart.
So how do we continue to stand together and hold our community tight? How do we stay connected in a way that continues our Spiritual growth and our Spiritual Center.
Karin and Werner are doing their best to figure out how to keep us all connected by putting something together for us to have a Sunday Service tomorrow. You can check it out at The Yucca Valley Center for Spiritual Living Facebook page livestream at 10am.

Joe say’s he will be at the Center at 9:30 am for those interested. If somebody needs, he’ll be there. At the very least for prayer and meditation. Please keep yourself safe.
With all that is happening…for now…we will be taking one week at a time.
We need to continue a presence at the Center, to protect the property,so if possible, take the time to stop by the property often, to hula hoe or pick up trash, pull weeds, trim trees, whatever you can. It will take all of us to continue the maintenance and the expenses of the property. Please support in any way you can.
The bills continue to come.We will be setting up several options for donations. Checks can be mailed to 7434 Bannock Trail, YV 92284

If you have Internet skills to keep us connected, please email Karin.
Out of time…BLESS US ALL!


Concerning the Coronavirus and Sunday Service at YVCSL:

We are a small group with plenty of social distance and we hold the belief that we have a Power that is Greater than any fears that are forced upon us. Therefore, we go to prayer first, but we also have to be and act like responsible adults. 

We understand the concerns of some about being in public, especially if you consider yourself to be at risk! In this case, please follow your own intuition about your health, and if you have to, please stay home and take good care of yourself. Of course, we must attend to our physical form with Intelligence. 

As our Founder Ernest Holmes wrote, “when things look the worst, is the time to do your best work.”

We are continuing on with our wonderful Sunday Service tomorrow. It is our belief that we need community and LOVE and connection more than ever before. YVCSL stands strong in this Knowing. We love YOU and ourselves and we believe in your and our greatness!

Remember YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT and you understand that we ask you to follow reasonable precautions: Restrict and limit your handshake/hugging and touching. Wash your hands well with soap and water. Donations of hand sanitizer appreciated. 

Do not bring homemade food and open containers. Instead please bring store bought simple packaged treats for the time being. 

As always coffee will be brewing.

If you choose to stay home, please let us know that you are okay. We miss you! We will be looking into methods by which we can provide on-line support and messages of love, prayers and connection.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. 

We are looking forward to Joe’s talk and seeing our spiritual family tomorrow. 

With much LOVE,