BrennEl Hornsby Sunday Service 8-30-20

Due to technical difficulties, we are currently unable to provide the video to Brennel’s talk. But we want to give you the very best of this presentation, so please….

Listen To Brennel”s Talk

Once you click on the above link, if a screen comes up that says There’s a Problem Playing This Audio File, click on the Download Option. After it’s downloaded, click on it and give it 30 seconds to open. It will be well worth your time!! It is a wonderful and powerful talk.


“If not us…..who?  If not now…..when?”

BrennEl Hornsby

BrennEl Hornsby is a  Licensed Professional Counselor and Addiction Specialist-Masters


 “I am guided by the same intelligence and inspired by the same imagination which scatters the moon beams across the waves and holds the forces of Nature in its grasp”…Ernest Holmes


 “Through the Divine Light within me, I call forth and am grateful for the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within.  In Oneness with Creation we sow the Seeds of Wholeness.”

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