January 23, 2022 – VICTORIA REYNOLDS

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January 23, 202210 amVictoria Reynolds

Victoria Reynolds is a Spiritual Luminary, Oracle of Freedom, Heart-Passageway Healer, and Host of Fearless and Free TV. She is the author of four books and has been inspiring audiences on stage and camera since 2011. Victoria teaches others how to free their spirit by rising above fear-based beliefs into a life they love.

Victoria was born into a polygamist cult in the mountains of Montana. After running away from home as a teenager, she went on a journey to discover her own path. A mid-life awakening put her on the higher path of teaching what Spirit speaks through her.  

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“Creating New Earth”

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“Today I do affirm that I am Divinely guided…
There is that within which knows what to do and how to do it,
and it compels me to act on what it knows.”

~ Ernest Holmes

“We are chemists in the laboratory of the Infinite.
What, then shall we create?” 

~ Ernest Holmes


I now accept that I am the One I’ve been waiting for
and I am the Divine intervention I seek.
I know that I am the embodiment of Divine Love,
working with me, through me and as me.
I am Divine Love in being and in action.
Divine Love, through me, makes all things possible.
My actions are divinely guided.
I work in co-creation with Source and those around me.
I, in my role as we, create
and make manifest the New Earth now calling to me.
I am and so it is.



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March 21 – Joe Descoteaux

“If God ever answered a prayer, He always answers prayers”  – Ernest Holmes

Sunday, March 21, Joe Descoteaux

Chapter 9, The Science of Mind – Click on link below to hear the talk!

“Prayer “

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