SUNDAY, May 24th Kathleen Lowndes

Last Sunday…
Norman Spiritual seeker his whole life. Studied many paths and joined our Center last year. Norman talked about “Being at peace in a culture of fear.”

You can find the link to his talk on our website… and YouTube Channel    
QUOTES   John 4:18  “Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear”  

Love is what we are born with, fear is what we learn.   Buddha    

If you are filled with fear, refill yourself with faith,  for faith always overcomes fear. Ernest Holmes.    

AFFIRMATION    “Let there be peace and let it begin with me”.   
May 24th  
Kathleen Lowndes
Her big medical miracle was pre-meditated. She used Science of mind principles and Authored & published Facing the Ultimate Fear:  A New Future
Retired Creative Writing teacher
Holds Mater of Arts Degree in Literature  

Kathleen is going to talk about….   INVITATION TO MIRACLE  
“A realization of the Presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man”.   Ernest Holmes  

“The person who is to succeed will never let his mind dwell on past mistakes.  He will forgive the past in his life and in the lives of other people.  If he makes a mistake, he will at once forgive it.”  Ernest Holmes  

“Melt away fear, miracles appear.”  K. Lowndes    

Affirmation    I choose/decide to feel love and think from love.  

 You can watch Kathleen’s service  LIVE ON ZOOM at 10am Sunday morning

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You can also go to for the link and more information. VOLUNTEER UPDATE   
YVCSL is an ALL-VOLUNTEER run organization and we need your help! Volunteering is an opportunity to connect with our members and to create a positive impact. We believe serving our Center through volunteering is crucial for creating a healthy, vibrant world. Through volunteering, you can help shape the future of your Center, community and world!  

We start with the simple proposition that a Higher Power, known by many names in many different traditions around the world, is a force for good — not only around, but also within every individual. Our doors—and hearts—are open to all who are seeking wisdom, inspiration and connection.

Please join our team of volunteers, we are an awesome group dedicated to make our Center beautiful for YOU and us!  

This Tuesday the volunteer crew started at 8am and worked until 2:30pm – WOW! Karen and Steve worked hard on the trenches all around the Center. Digging, removing dirt, cutting roots, placing landscape cloth on it – all supplied by SuperSteve – and filling it in with all new gravel – also supplied by SuperSteve. Lots of  gravel. Two truckloads full of it. We all owe Steve big time. The gravel, the landscape cloth, the wear and tear on his truck with the heavy loads and how hard and fast this guy works is amazing. What they are doing is an all professional job and it will last. Soon we’ll be there. Jill was hula hoeing and racking the grounds about everywhere around the Center like in a dance, creating huge piles of debris. All gone to the dump with Steve. Werner was doing what Karen and Steve did, working the trenches and moving the dirt to an ever growing pile. Chuck came too and helped raking and shoveling. Brad and Karin were working in the office, mainly computer work and later helped with the yard work. Cindy paid us a lovely visit and we ALL wore our masks and practiced social distancing of course.   We believe in the Good — in the universe, in each other and in ourselves.

With much LOVE, Karin