January 24 – Tricia LaBrie

I am the ruler of everything in my life and I know how and why I am.




“Change is a Positive“

Blessing: Constructive thought directed toward anyone or condition. 

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You bless a man when you recognize the divinity in him.” – Ernest Holmes 
“Change your thinking
change your life.” – Ernest Holmes 
“Drop all negative thoughts from the mind”.-Ernest Holmes.

(one thought at a time).


I am the ruler of everything in my life and I know how and why I am.


Our House Band, The Cosmic Vibrations, led by Music Director Brad Allen, currently features Brad Allen on guitar, Dr. Chuck Greenwood on percussions, Joe D. on harmonica and bass guitar, and many exceptional guests who bring success energy and passion to our services that you will be moved by the their performances.

This Sunday we welcome the amazing Jen Hajj, whose music is always inspirational and uplifting!!

Volunteer Tuesday January 26, 2021

Come and put some of your good vibes Into the gathering space of your Spiritual Community.

*As we regularly say at our services, we are a 100% volunteer run Spiritual Center.  We are always encouraging more people to participate so we have new faces and new voices involved on Sundays.

That said, we are looking for several people to make our “Announcements” on Sundays. Each volunteer will serve for a 1 month commitment. Currently, we have only a few announcements at each service but more will be coming. 

So, here’s a way for some of you to easily step up and volunteer a short amount of your time to devote to your spiritual community.

Thanks in advance,
Chuck Greenwood, Board Member

Message from the Board: Come on now….let’s give the devoted volunteers a hand next week as the social hall, entryway and book store are reassembled and put back together in our beautiful Center…with the new tile floors and paint!!!” We promise there will be music and fun….and the satisfaction of being a part of the  uplifting energy beautification! Masks and distancing, with plenty of ventilation. That doesn’t stop us from dancing around the room now and then!

Come on into the bookstore on Tuesdays to browse and find that perfect item for yourself or a loved one! We also have beautiful gifts!

And…..We are hooked up to the new sewer! Our Center has been blessed with volunteers and donations to make this process smooth and enable us to get so much done during this time! A special “shout out” to Karen Kebler, our Project Manager who never missed a beat from start to finish, as you can see she was on site watching the production!

A huge thank you to John Mahany Plumbing, Inc for their amazing work on the Center’s sewer project! They are a highly skilled , exceptional company to work with, and we will definitely hire them again for future projects.

Please check the YVCSL.org website for further announcements and our future Calendar.
You might also like to review our Facebook page: Yucca Valley Center for Spiritual Living. We hope to see you there.

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January 17 – Hiroko Momii

When it gets dark enough you can see the stars – Charles A. Beard



Whenever you’re able to truly let go of all worry, fear, and obsession and simply ask the Divine for help. It comes in minutes. “Letting go” means disengaging from the suffering states, letting go of the fear of divine punishment or guilt for being undeserving of grace. Only in a beautiful state can you truly draw blessings from the source.

Click on link below to hear Hiroko’s inspiring talk entitled….

Accessing and Connecting to Divine (Universal Intelligence)