January 3 – Anne Fernandez

I am releasing what no longer serves me and I how have space for new beginnings

Anne Fernandez



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Prepare your mind to receive the best that Life has to offer. – Ernest Holmes

“Celebrate endings for they precede new beginnings” – Jonathan Lockwood

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning” – Meister Eckhart


I am releasing what no longer serves me and I now have space for new beginnnings


Our House Band, The Cosmic Vibrations, led by Music Director Brad Allen, currently features Brad Allen on guitar, Dr. Chuck Greenwood on percussions, Joe D. on harmonica and bass guitar, and many exceptional guests who bring success energy and passion to our services that you will be moved by the their performances.

The Centers for Spiritual Living Heart of Peace Committee is inviting YOU to contribute your consciousness to healing the world and establishing sustainable peace.

Join more than 500 million people from an array of faith traditions and philosophies, across seven continents, meditating simultaneously on DECEMBER 31, 2020.

The gatherings begin at precisely the same moment all around the world in all the many languages, to pray in the ways of their own traditions.  (4 am Pacific Standard Time). We each affirm Peace and commit to do our part to heal the world. It is truly an amazing experience to sense the consciousness and the presence of hundreds of millions of people sharing the hour!  

John Randolph Price and Jan Price established World Healing Day, a global mind-link for peace involving millions of people that began on December 31, 1986 — with the Los Angeles Times reporting up to 400-million participants. The event has continued on the same date and time each year. The purpose of this mind-link was to bring human consciousness to the tipping point – that level of awareness of our oneness that would ensure peace and eliminate suffering, conflict, and inequity.

Tuesday Volunteers

Our Volunteer Tuesday will resume January 5, 2021


Come and put some of your good vibes Into the gathering space of your Spiritual Community. We promise there will be music and fun….and the satisfaction of being a part of the  uplifting energy beautification! Masks and distancing, with plenty of ventilation. That doesn’t stop us from dancing around the room now and then!

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December 20 – Featured Speaker – Jody Curtis

Sunday, December 20

 Jody Curtis 

Jody is the former Director of Spiritual Studies and Reverend-in-Residence at the Institute of Mentalphysics – Joshua Tree Retreat Center. She was ordained as a Reverend of the Science of Mentalphysics in 2014 and taught Breathwork and Meditation classes at the Institute from 2009-2019.

Currently, she teaches breathwork, health and wellness, and manifestation classes internationally online, and has students in 94 countries. She is a founder and Creator at EmpowerHouse Productions, and is passionate about creating content that uplifts, inspires and empowers humankind

In case you missed it, or would like to revisit the Sunday talk – Click on link (The Science of Spirituality ) sit back and enjoy!