Dr. Chuck Greenwood -October 25, 2020

FEATURED SPEAKER – October 25, 2020

Dr. Chuck Greenwood

My follow-up talk to “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”   A presentation of spotlighting an unlikely key that will unlock your self-imprisonment and free your Soul. 

Hear Dr. Chuck’s  live, insightful talk about….

“Your Ego is Your Key to Enlightenment”


“The ego and soul are both aspects of an omnipresent Source of Divine Intelligence”.                  

Matt Kahn

 “The ego mind is always asking  “What if?” It is forever exploring the possibility that there may be a better place to be, a better job, a better relationship, a better scenario than the one that confronts us here and now.  All this is motivated by FEAR. “

~ Paul Ferrini

“We cannot accept the ego as something we ourselves created, this would be contrary to our concept of life.” Ernest Holmes


 I am the Light…the Light I am!   (5x)       



ON LINE ZOOM CLASSES on SPIRITUAL Studies and  HEALING ARTS starting on  OCT 26th/28th/30th @ 6 p.m.


Wednesday, Oct. 28, from 6-8 pm  Science of Mind Practitioner  Denise Myers. Denise is a REIKI Master Teacher (RMT) Licenced as a ‘You can heal your Life’ practitioner. Author of ‘The Power of Choice’, Denise will present her 1st of 4 2-hour classes on ‘Ordering From The Cosmic Kitchen’. This is based on  Science Of Mind Minister Louise Hay’s work. The first of the 4 lectures is FREE. The remaining 3 classes will be held the following Wednesdays at the same time.* * *

Friday, Oct. 30, from 6-7 pm – Rev Tricia La Brie. Extensive knowledge in Managerial Sciences and facilitator of SOM class ‘This Thing Called You’. 1st of 8, 1-hour classes

The Seven Kinds of LOVE. The first of her 8 lectures is FREE.  The remaining 7 classes will be held the following Wednesdays at the same time.


Facilitated by Anne Fernandez, October 31st , Drum Circle, Movement and Meditation

Saturday 3pm – 5pm

Come and join us as we celebrate Autumn,  a change of season and our ability to flow with the winds of change. Our drummers will lead us into flowing movement and we will end with a meditation. We will be outdoors and everyone must wear a mask. We will be honoring the social distancing protocol. Dress comfortable, bring water  and BRING YOUR CHAIR. 

There is rhythm in all of nature. Come join us and find your inner rhythm.

Love & Light 

Anne Fernandez, Yucca Valley Center for Spiritual Living


Come and put some of your good vibes Into the gathering space of your Spiritual Community. We promise there will be music and fun….and the satisfaction of being a part of the  uplifting energy beautification! Masks and distancing, with plenty of ventilation. That doesn’t stop us from dancing around the room now and then! Please, come help us with the goal of completing the painting of the entryway and social hall, this coming Tuesday. Tile is scheduled for installation starting 11-3.

Please check the YVCSL.org website for further announcements and our future Calendar.
Please register online on our website YVCSL.org. (coming this week) You might also like to review our Facebook page: YuccaValley Center for Spiritual Living. We hope to see you there

If you would like to hear more about the history of Science of Mind and learn more about our upcoming classes, lectures and seminars please visit YVCSL.org or facebook at Yucca Valley Center for Spiritual Living

Veronica Gabrielle Sunday Service 10-18-20


Veronica Gabrielle

An exceptional transformational coach, speaker, author, facilitator, consultant and pioneer in the study and teaching of a Course in Miracles

Hear Veronica’s  live, insightful talk about….

Looking within – Running Away


Look with and choose the guide for seeing . – Veronica Gabrielle

God gives some more than others because some accept more than others – Ernest Holmes


I will be true to myself!

Danielle Hunter-Watson Sunday Service 10-11-20

Hear Dannielle’s  live, insightful talk about….

Danielle Hunter-Watson

Member of IONS(Institute of Noetic Science), Self Realization Fellowship, Theosophy, Ancient Archeology and Mystery Schools

New understanding of how to merge Spirit and Science


Creation is always happening.  Every time an individual has a thought, or a prolonged chronic way of thinking, they’re in the creation process. Something is going to manifest out of those thoughts.      Michael Beckwith

Thank God that there’s a time delay…that all of your thoughts doen’t come true instantly. We’d be in real trouble if they did.  The element of time delay serves you.  It allows you to  reassess, to think about what you want and to make a new choice.     Lisa Nichols

How The  creative power responds to feeling more quickly than to any other mental attitude.   Science of Mind


I am truly magnificent and as I awake and dream the impossible dream…I actually create the possibility of creation of the universal heart and mind since I am a piece of that Universal mind…also called God

Denise Myers Sunday Service 10-04-20

Hear DENISE’S live, insightful talk about….

Denise Myers

Independent New Thought Minister, Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), Licensed “You Can Heal Your Life”, author of “The Power of Choice”, CSL Practitioner

The Deservability Quotient

Do you find You’re not getting the results you want in life? Even after treatments do you feel like no one is listening. How do you react when someone compliments you? What did your childhood teach you about self worth? Perhaps we can uncover the reason for this seeming lack of results


Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.  You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. Desiderata by Max Ehrmann 1927

The only thing you can do better than anyone else, is, be yourself. Live, loud, large and in living color. Denise Myers

How can there be an acceptance of a greater good unless it’s spiritual significance rises through our mental equivalents to reach the level of that good?  If we are still emerged in doubt and fear, in uncertainty and dread, should not these monsters need first to be slain before peace and confidence can be gained. Dr. Ernest Holmes


I deserve and accept all the goodness of the universe, now. It is mine to claim because I exist.