Prayers Needed and Donations Gratefully Accepted!

We are asking for prayers for our beloved community and board member of the church, Pat Curtis. Tuesday we found out that cancer has gone through one of her lower leg bones, and they found a 3″ tumor in her brain. Pat has decided to discontinue further treatment except for a few simple natural choices,and to turn it over to God.

We haven’t given up. WE DO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! And all the healing vibes and prayers sent her way do make a difference.

With Sincere Gratitude!


The High Desert Welcome Group

The High Desert Welcome Group meets this morning and every Thursday at 10am at the YVCSL located at 7434 Bannock Trail in Yucca Valley. Danielle Hunter will lead a lively discussion on “Discovering the Present” that will surely have you thinking enlightened new thoughts. Paul Gerkin will sing and play original and classic songs for us and, that alone, is worth the price of admission… which, oh that’s right, is FREE!!! So what do you have to lose but a little extra sleep, which you can do later! Come join us… everyone is welcome and that means YOU!!!